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Haaretz: We are All the American Jewish Establishment

If you still don't think you are part of the Establishment, maybe it's time to take the Establishment back. These are not smoky back rooms with secret membership lists.
By Mira Sucharov

Remember the old Lenny Bruce routine where he declares some objects "Jewish" and others "goyish"? Count Basie, Hadassah, pumpernickel, and black cherry soda: Jewish. Eddie Cantor, B'nai Brith, Drake's cakes, and lime Jello, on the other hand, clearly goyish. The sketch was funny, of course, because it contained a thin streak of cultural insight cloaked in the absurdity of being so arbitrary.

I'm reminded of Bruce's routine in the ongoing debate, highlighted again by last week's heinous Tel Aviv riots, as to who and what constitutes the overworked term the "Jewish Establishment."

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