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"Price Tag" Crosses the Green Line

Last night, extremists further escalated the settlers' campaign to terrorize Palestinians and deter Israel's law enforcement authorities from protecting the rule of law in the West Bank. After desecrating and vandalizing mosques in the West Bank, these hooligans are now attacking loyal Israeli Muslim citizens.

The attack last night was on a mosque in the Bedouin village of Ibtin, near Haifa. Hooligans sprayed graffiti on the mosques' walls. The 3 slogans spray-painted on the building read: "There will be a war over Judea and Samaria," "Price Tag" and "this structure is destined for demolition."

This seems to be a precedent. The settlers have never explicitly taken their "Price Tag" campaign into Israel proper.

The attack was not the only escalation yesterday. In the settlement of Beit El, eight police officers and 23 yeshiva students were injured when police officers were attacked while attempting to demolish the foundations of a building that was illegally built there.

The young settlers reportedly used cinder blocks, paint containers, stones and eggs to attack the police officers, called them "Nazis" punctured the tires of the police cars. They used racist epithets and curses against Druze Border Police officers who tried to enforce the law there.

Two little facts that the attackers may want to keep in mind: Druze border police officers have given their lives to protect the settlers. And, Residents of Ibtin, when they reach the age of 18, are drafted into the IDF and serve, typically in combat units. Some of them, too, protect West Bank settlers as a part of their service.