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Middle East Peace Reports: May 2006 Archives

May 26, 2006 - Vol. 7, Issue 43

Mechanical Engineering: Under EU plans to stave off a humanitarian and political crisis in the occupied territories, Palestinian doctors, teachers, and even pensioners could receive millions of dollars in funding.

May 22, 2006 - Vol. 7, Issue 42

Israel Willing To Fund Palestinian Healthcare Paychecks: An Israeli official said Israel is prepared to release Palestinian tax revenues into a proposed aid mechanism being established by Middle East mediators to avert the collapse of the Palestinian health sector and to pay some salaries.

May 15, 2006 - Vol. 7, Issue 41

Work In Progress: The new Israeli government's convergence plan is very much a work in progress. High-ranking officials from several government ministries have been covertly planning its legal framework for several months, but the details are still coming together.

May 9, 2006 - Vol. 7, Issue 40

CONVERGENCE, THE ABRIDGED EDITION: Senior Kadima officials believe that the chances that Ehud Olmert will carry out the convergence plan in its original format are not high and probably Olmert will in the end be compelled to carry out a limited, symbolic move, in the form of a "limited convergence."