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Middle East Peace Reports: September 2009 Archives

Middle East Peace Report - September 29, 2009

Thumbnail image for Hillary Clinton & George Mitchell 186x140.jpgVolume 11, Issue 3

Talks to Renew; Jerusalem Tensions; Hamas Outflanked by Gaza Violence; Palestinians Increasingly Moderate on Final Status Issues; New Unit to Combat Settler Violence; On the Road to Normalization; Engaging Iran, Backing Obama...

Middle East Peace Report - September 21, 2009

Obama-Netanyahu in White House.jpg

A Three-Way Summit; Call My Bluff; Hoping for a Diplomatic Solution; Peres and the Russian Deal; Checkpoint Removal; Unfriendly Fire

Vol. 11, Issue 2

A Three-Way Summit: President Barack Obama will host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for a summit meeting tomorrow night in New York.

Middle East Peace Report - September 14, 2009

Abbas - Netanyahu 186x140.jpg

Volume 11, Issue 1

When Will Israeli-Palestinian Talks Renew?; The Fierce Urgency of Peace; Settler Campaign Falls Flat; Who is a Sucker?; What to Make of the Iranian Proposal?; Did Netanyahu Agree to Withdraw from the Golan Heights?