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Middle East Peace Reports: October 2009 Archives

Middle East Peace Report - October 19, 2009

Volume 11, Issue 6

Negotiations Now; Abbas' Popularity Plunges; Hamas Pushes Its Advantage; Stop with the Settlements Already; Israel-Turkey Tensions; Bringing the Holocaust to Gaza

Middle East Peace Report - October 13, 2009

Volume 11, Issue 5

A New Intifada?; A New Low for Israel's Regional Standing; A Nuclear Umbrella?; Extending the Olive Branch; Labor Pains; Time for Action on Iran

Middle East Peace Report - October 5, 2009

Volume 11, Issue 4

Abbas Faces Domestic Fire for Pulling Punch; Winds of Intifada Blow in Jerusalem; In Reversal, High Court Freezes Settlement Construction; What Freeze?; Will Israel and Hamas Deal on Shalit?; Obama's Iran Strategy Yields Tentative Results