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April 2006 Archives

Legislative Round-Up - April 28, 2006

I. Update on Palestinian Sanctions II. Supplemental Update III. New Bills and Resolutions IV. Dear Colleagues V. On the Record on HR 4681 (McCollum)

April 26, 2006 - Vol. 7, Issue 39

Lines In The Drifting Sand: The U.S. will not recognize a border created after a unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank as Israel's permanent border, senior Bush Administration officials said.

April 24, 2006 - Vol. 7, Issue 38

White Smoke: Negotiations between Kadima and Labor have led to an agreement on cabinet portfolios that could allow a new government to be named in approximately one week.

Q. How do you explain the Olmert government's restrained response to the April 17 suicide bombing in Tel Aviv? How is the Iranian-Syrian strategic alliance holding up under American pressure...?

What do the results of the recent Israeli elections say about Israeli attitudes about settlements and territorial compromise?

New York Times Obituary of Rabbi Hertzberg, Outspoken Scholar and Civil Rights Advocate

APN Condemns Tel Aviv Suicide Attack

4/17/06: "Contrary to the comments from Hamas' spokesperson, there is no justification for such a horrendous attack," said Debra DeLee, President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now.

April 17, 2006 - Vol. 7, Issue 37

CONVERGENCE EMERGENCE: More details are emerging about Kadima's convergence plan. According to Ma'ariv, high-ranking government officials say that the convergence plan that Ehud Olmert presented will include the complete evacuation of over 60 settlements

Q. Does Livni's comments re: Palestinians reflect new policy thinking...? Q. If appointed, could Peretz succeed at the defense post?

Q. Can Ehud Olmert form a stable disengagement government? Q. How are Israel's criteria for dealing with Hamas evolving, and how is Hamas responding?

April 7, 2006 - Vol. 7, Issue 36

SAVINGS & GROANS: Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank, said it is severing ties with Palestinian banks after a legal review in the wake of the swearing-in of a Hamas-led government.

Legislative Round-Up - April 7, 2006

I. Update on Pal Sanctions Bills; II. Supplemental Update; III. APN on New Version of HR 4681

"The United States remains committed to President Bush's vision of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is also our desire to help provide for the basic human needs of the Palestinian people."

APN Mourns the passing of Eli Segal

Memorial Service will be held Sunday, April 9th, 11:00 a.m., Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

APN Passover Readings

As we recount the history of our journey from Egypt to freedom, we acknowledge the struggle that Israel and her neighbors still wage for peace

APN today applauded changes approved to H.R. 4681 through the Managers' Amendment and urged further improvements to the legislation as it moves through Congress.

APN today applauded changes approved to H.R. 4681 through the Managers' Amendment and urged further improvements to the legislation as it moves through Congress.

In their April assessment, APN receives 4-star rating from the highly-respected evaluator of non-profit organizations...

Q. ...significant ramifications of last week's Knesset elections? Q. Why did so many not vote? Q. The Arab League held its annual summit in Khartoum last week...?