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Peace Now Flyer: "This is the time to stop. AND THINK." / Demonstration in Tel Aviv on Sat., Jan. 10

Peace Now's Q&A flyer is being distributed in Israel (ALSO: Demonstration to be held in Tel Aviv on Sat. evening, Jan. 10)

Go HERE for info on Peace Now's call for a demonstration in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening, January 10.

Read the English translation below, and see the Q&A in its original Hebrew by opening the link at the bottom.

This is the time to stop

The operation in the south - points for consideration.

Israel responded to rocket attacks on its territory. Don't we have the right to defend ourselves?

The right to self defense is a basic and legitimate right of the State of Israel.

The border with the Gaza Strip is a recognized border and it is the responsibility of the country to make possible a quiet life for all of its residents. A military attack is correct and appropriate when all other options are exhausted.

Does the military attack actually contribute to the country's security?

The central flaw of the military operation in this case is its inability to generate lasting quiet. A military operation responds to the problems of the moment, and in contrast to a diplomatic process it does not offer a long term solution. In order to bring real security to the State of Israel and to its residents in the south, we must also strive for a political solution.

Can Hamas be a partner?

Any group that is ready to talk to Israel proves by doing so that it recognizes Israel. Even if in the current moment Hamas appears to not be a partner to a peace agreement, it certainly can be a partner for a ceasefire. In the past, Israel reached an agreement with Hamas and there is no reason that it could not do so again.

Does the operation truly weaken Hamas?

For the moment, Hamas' military ability is weakened, but the question of the long term must be asked.

It seems clear to us that the use of force on the Palestinian population will cause it to oppose Hamas. But maybe a military operation in Gaza will actually strengthen its public backing? Also in Israel, when we suffer from terror attacks, there is a process of radicalization in public opinion. In order to weaken Hamas we must emphasize the other alternative - the rational one, the moderate one.

So how do we enable quiet in the south?

Only a political process will allow lasting quiet.

This is the time to call for an external group that will guarantee that the ceasefire is kept and will enable a diplomatic process that will bring the start of a solution.

In the first days Israel destroyed through air operations most of the defined targets, but as in the Second Lebanon War, ground operations unavoidably include placing forces in hostile territory. From this point IDF forces are more exposed and easier targets. Incidents with numerous casualties will become a daily reality. From now on the damage in this operation is greater than its benefit.