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Call to boycott settlements picks up steam!

Today Peter Beinart, the author of a new and much anticipated book, The Crisis of Zionism, (available on March 27th) published a blockbuster op-ed in the New York Times entitled, "To Save Israel, Boycott the Settlements". We strongly encourage people to read Peter's piece.  His suggestion - that people who love Israel and care about Israel as a Jewish state and democracy should boycott settlements - is completely consistent with a call APN made in July 2011.  Our call came in the context of the Israeli Knesset passing a disgraceful piece of legislation effectively criminalizing such a boycott - a boycott law that is unlike anything that exists in the U.S. or other progressive, democratic countries. 

APN's call to boycott settlements and settlement products also came in solidarity with the Israeli Peace Now movement's courageous campaign against that same anti-democratic law: "So sue me, I boycott products of the settlements."  You can still get APN's "I boycott settlement products" twibbon here.  With this law still in force, Peter's article can be viewed as act of Zionist civil disobedience - just as our call for a boycott was.  APN has consistently opposed boycotts, divestment, and sanctions aimed at Israel proper, and we still do so today.  At the same time, we believe it is absolutely appropriate to boycott settlements and settlement products, since we believe that settlements are a major and ever-growing obstacle to peace. Finally, we encourage you to read APN Vice Chair Jo-Ann Mort's recent article on the boycott controversy related to the Park Slope Co-Op, "The Dishonesty of Park Slope Coop's BDS Debate."