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Government Relations: March 2007 Archives

APN Legislative Round-Up - March 30, 2007

I. New bills and resolutions II. Deja Vu? New PATA Bill in the House; III. Final Update on Nelson-Ensign Letter; IV. New ME Initiative from Rep. Wolf

New Palestinians Sanctions Bill Introduced - 3/29/07

APN Provides a table comparing the new text with both HR 4681 (as passed by the House) and S. 2370, as passed by the House and Senate to become PL 109-234.

APN Legislative Round-Up - March 23, 2007

I. Update on Senate Letter to Rice; II. APN on the revised Senate letter; III. AIPAC on Senate letter; IV. Update on House letter(s) to Solana; V. Update on Palestinian Security Assistance VI. New bills and resolutions

APN Legislative Round-Up - March 15, 2007

I. Bills and Resolutions II. APN on the Nelson-Ensign Letter III. APN on Iran

APN urges Senators to take a careful look at the letter in preparation of being lobbied on it as part of the AIPAC policy conference

APN Legislative Round-Up - March 9, 2007

I. Bills, Dear Colleagues, and Letters II. AIPAC on the Hill: Doubling Down On the Palestinians... III. ...And on Iran

Transcript of the speech given by the Jordanian King on March 7, 2007

APN Legislative Round-Up - March 2, 2007

I. Bills and Resolutions II. Bush's Double-Standard on Engagement with Syria