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Action Alerts: March 2010 Archives

Push Congress to back Obama's leadership on peace

This is an important moment for those of us who care about Israel and about peace. I'm asking you to take action: call your Representative and Senators so that our voice is heard.

Tomorrow, thousands of activists in Washington for the AIPAC conference will be on the Hill claiming to speak for all Americans, and especially American Jews who care about Israel. I know from experience that their agenda is often not the same as ours.

This lobby day comes hot on the heels of the crisis sparked by the announcement - during Joe Biden's visit to Israel - of a massive settlement expansion.

Today Hillary Clinton defended the administration's action on the issue. She told the AIPAC conference that is is America's devotion to peace for Israel that led the administration to condemn the announcement of plans for new construction in East Jerusalem.

"This is about getting to the table, creating and protecting an atmosphere of trust around it - and staying there until the job is done," she said.

Nevertheless, a number of groups have attacked the Obama administration for publicly speaking out about the settlement expansion. You can be sure that this will be a topic discussed during AIPAC's lobby day tomorrow.

Make sure that our voice is heard. Tell Congress that the real pro-Israel thing to do is to stop the expansion of settlements. Settlements undermine the prospect for peace, which is key to Israel's future.

AIPAC doesn't speak for me

Ramat Shlomo Settlement 186x140.jpg

For months APN has been working to get President Barack Obama to step up his efforts in support of peace for Israel. We've called on him to be prepared to confront Israel, the Palestinians, or the Arab states when they fail to play ball.

Last week the Obama administration did just that.

biden israel 320x265.jpgOn Monday -- during the vice president's visit to Israel -- American peace envoy George Mitchell announced that Israelis and Palestinians will soon resume peace talks.

This is good news for those of us who care about peace for Israel. Negotiations are needed to achieve a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

But then on Tuesday -- while Biden was still in Israel -- the Israeli government announced plans for 1600 new housing units in contested East Jerusalem.

Support Iran sanctions that can work

Congress is now considering two pieces of legislation that will limit the Iranian regime's ability to crack down on freedom of speech within Iran.

This is a great opportunity. Empowering the Iranian people must be a vital part of the American strategy to deal with the threat posed by Iran to Israel and to key American national security interests.