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Action Alerts: November 2010 Archives

Help Obama pass the settlements test

Obama360x265.pngPresident Barack Obama's resolve to renew Israeli-Palestinian peace talks is being tested. I need your help to show the president that Americans want him to act to put the peace process back on track.

In the past week, Israel moved forward on several large-scale settlement schemes, including a plan that would dramatically increase the foothold of one settlement in East Jerusalem. After months of refraining from these types of actions in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is opening up the floodgates.

Putting peace above partisanship

This week's mid-term elections will have a profound impact on a wide range of issues that impact every American. It is clear that the battles ahead in Washington will focus on domestic concerns.
But those of us who care about Israel and about peace can't afford take our eyes off the ball in the Middle East.
That is why I need your help.  Together, we need to raise our voices to demand that the new Congress stop using peace for Israel as a political football.