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Action Alerts: April 2012 Archives

Who is Delegitimizing Israel?

rechelim320x265.jpg This week, we remembered. We remembered, with the people of Israel, their losses in war, their sorrow, and their struggle to build a just and democratic society. This week, we celebrated. We celebrated 64 years of the independence of a young nation, a nation that was born from the tears of generations, a nation based, in the words of David Ben Gurion, on "freedom, justice and peace." From sorrow to joy, we remembered and we celebrated with the people of Israel, knowing that we yet have a long road to walk together until we reach the goal of a nation of equal justice for all, of peace with its neighbors. But with hope, we remembered the past, and looked to the future.

We believe that Israel can and must coexist peacefully with a future Palestinian state if it is to survive as a democracy and a Jewish state. It is still possible. It is within reach. Unless.